Things You Need To Know About Mouth Soreness

It may become quite predictable based on the initial signs. You get a spot in your mouth burning and tingling. Next day, you are going to have a sore appeared in the inner cheek. This condition is most commonly referred to as Aphthous ulcer and it affects 20% of total population of the world. The condition may appear without showing any pattern. Typically, the pain goes away in 2 weeks and things come back to normal.

Many people confuse Aphthous ulcers with cold sores. The only similarity between these two is the discomfort. The main reason for cold sores is the attack of Herpes Simplex Virus. On the other hand, there is no clear reason for the Aphthous ulcers. Hence, you can let the immune system deal with the problem. Now, the problem is that immune response can turn out to be painful. So, it would be worth looking into the possible reasons.

Possible reasons for Aphthous ulcers

  • One of the most obvious reasons for sores and ulcers to appear in the mouth is stress. When we have high level of stress, there are certain body changes which tend to appear. And these changes are not quite positive. Sores and ulcers are the common among many consequences which result due to stress.
  • Hormonal change is also considered as the major reason for the Aphthous ulcers to appear. Hence, women who go through menopause are more likely to suffer from this condition.
  • There are certain vitamins and minerals that are highly important for the health of tissues in different areas of the body. Lack of such vitamins and minerals can lead to these sores.
  • You can get Aphthous ulcers due to your genetics. These ulcers seem to belong to the health conditions which can run down through the genetics.
  • Most of the toothpastes available in the market contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). This compound has been found as the major reason for development of Aphthous ulcers.

Treating and avoiding Aphthous ulcers

If you are affected by this condition, you wouldn’t want to make things further painful for you. And if you are not affected by you are seeing an outbreak, you would want to stay safe. In this scenario, there are a few things that you may want to take into consideration.

  • Make sure that you are avoiding the consumption of spicy and sour foods. Moreover, you will have to use SLS-free toothpaste to avoid irritation.
  • If you are affected by this condition and things are getting painful, you will need to use numbing agents such as Oragel, Kanka, or zilactin-B. You can keep a tube in your pocket to quickly numb the irritated area if the pain starts to reappear.
  • Teabag can help you get relief from pain in pretty effective manner. You will have to keep a teabag in your mouth to get the pain relief.

Apart from the oral care at home, you will need to visit your dentist if you are not finding any relief from pain. Generally, you should visit your dentist after every 6 months to make sure that your oral cavity is safe from any infection.